Yard of the Month Award Contest

Yard of the Month Award Contest

Yard of the Month is back! Sagemeadow is once again offering a yard of the month contest to help bring pride back to our community. Beginning in September 2020, the Beautification Committee will award a monthly winner during the months of April through September for landscaping, October through December (Halloween, and the winter holiday season for holiday decorations).

Details of the Contest
– Judging will be provided by the Beautification Committee.
– Awards for best Halloween decorations will be presented in October and the best Holiday decorations will be presented in December.
– The same property cannot receive more than one award within the same 12 month period.
– Any Yard of the Month winner must be a member in good standing with the Association, current with their Association dues, and free of current HOA restriction violations.

Yard of the Month winners will have the honor of having a beautiful Yard of the Month sign placed in their yard for no less than 30 days. They will also have a photo taken of their award-winning yard, that will be promoted throughout our community. Finally, winners will receive a $50 gift card.

If you would like to nominate a yard for consideration or would like to join the beautification committee, please send an email to: beauty@sagemeadow.org.

Past Award Winners:


August 2022 – Mary Jo Dittmar

July 2022 – Douglas & Dawn Claunch

June 2022 – Maria & Guadalupe Moreno

May 2022 – Oscar & Amparo Ayala

April 2022 – Calvin & Shelley Johnson

March 2022 – No winner selected

January – February 2022 – No winner selected


November – December 2021 – No winner selected

October 2021 – Shelley Dial

September 2021 – Rhonda & Roger Thomas

August 2021 – Richard & Roseann Bailey

July 2021 – John & Sandra Burns

June 2021 – Tom & Jackie Stringer

May 2021 – Maria & Jose Mendoza

April 2021 – Alma & Fred Trevino

March 2021 – None due to freeze

January-February 2021 – No winners selected


December 2020 – Henry & Dolores Blair

November 2020 – No winner selected

October 2020 – Sharon Brantly

September 2020 – Claudette & Cliff Farley