Yard and Garage Sales

Every now and again, we decide that we need to purge our homes of things that we no longer use or need. There are many ways to deal with those things including packing things up and sending them to a non-profit charity for the needy, giving things away to friends and family, and holding a yard or garage sale.

If you decide to have a sale, you should know that there is a fair amount of work that is involved in having a successful one. For some great tips on how to have a successful one, see the following linked article https://www.thespruce.com/garage-sale-tips-4163850.

Deed Restrictions and Yard Sales

While there are no restrictions with having yard sales in Sagemeadow, there are a few rules that we ask you to follow:

  1. 1. Please notify your HOA at least 1 week before your planned sale day. This gives us awareness of where there might be increased traffic, the presence of signs, and perhaps, an excess of trash for the next trash day.
  2. 2. We ask that your event does not last more than two consecutive days. This is a courtesy to your neighbors as well as a demonstration that you are not making yard selling, a regular home-based business.
  3. 3. Collect all items not sold the first day, and store them out of sight overnight. We do not want our neighborhood to look like a shutdown flea market overnight.
  4. 4. If you choose to dispose of any unsold items, please do not leave them on the curb earlier than 12 hours before your trash pickup days. This goes for all trash or give away items.
  5. 5. Please collect all advertising signs at the end of the last day of your yard sale. When those signs stay out longer, it makes our neighborhood look trashy.

Advertising Your Sale

You will see on the linked website that advertising is one of the keys to having a successful yard or garage sale. This can include posts on social media and placing signs throughout the neighborhood. There are a few reminders when it comes to placing your signs.

  1. 1. Please place your signs no earlier that two days before your first sale day. If they are on our community esplanades, they will be removed by our landscapers, or by one of our volunteers if put out earlier.
  2. 2. Please ask your neighbors pemission if you want to place signs in or near their yard. This is just common courtesy.
  3. 3. Please do not place your signs in OR in front of our esplanade flower beds. They will be removed.

Community Yard Sales

We have two community yard sales per year. One in the Fall (September/October), and one in the Spring (March/April). This is a great opportunity for everyone because there will be more people in our neighborhood looking for your sale items because there will be multiple sales going at the same time. This is also good because it’s the two times per year that you don’t need to notify your HOA about your sales. Please see our calendar for the weekends we will be holding our next community yard sales.