Community Guides of Sagemeadow

Community Guides of Sagemeadow

Sagemeadow’s Community Guides will likely be the first contact that new residents will have with our homeowner’s association. They function as a welcome wagon of sorts, which contacts new residents shortly after they arrive to offer them a friendly welcome, neighborhood information, and possibly even a helping hand. The guides also function as representatives of their part of the neighborhood to the executive committee, providing insight into their needs and concerns.

Any resident is eligible to become a community guide. The only requirement is that they abide by the rules of our subdivision. Want to be an ambassador for your community? Volunteer to be a community guide! Send an email to to get started!

Guide Sectors

There are 58 sectors throughout the 8 sections of Sagemeadow. Each sector is made up of a group of logically grouped houses ranging from 12 to nearly 30 homes.

Section 1 – 8 sectors covering 174 homes

Section 2 – 11 sectors covering 225 homes

Section 3 – 15 sectors covering 294 homes

Section 4 – 7 sectors covering 149 homes

Section 5 – 8 sectors covering 159 homes

Section 6 – 5 sectors covering 95 homes

Section 7 – 3 sectors covering 43 homes

Section 8 – 1 sector covering 22 homes

Guide Resources

To request a welcome packet for a new homeowner please send an email to: