Architectural Control Committee

Sam Kannappan
Position 1

Selected on 6/17/2020.

Sockalingam Sam Kannappan P.E. has been a homeowner in Sagemeadow since 1974. He is a pipeline consulting engineer. He now serves on the One call board of Texas. He graduated with MSME from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Angie Lopez
Position 2

Selected on 6/17/2020

I have lived in Sagemeadow for 14 years and am a homeowner since 2017. Graduate of J Frank Dobie High School and San Jacinto College. My degree/areas of study include Engineering Design Graphics / Architectural Civil / Structural Specialty. I work in the industrial sector under the department of Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
Len Meyers
Position 3

Selected on 6/17/2020

Len Meyers has been a homeowner with his wife Mandy in Sagemeadow since 2000.  His children started at Frazier and are Dobie graduates.  Although a recent empty nester, he is still active in Scouting as a Skipper of a Sea Scout Ship as well as a Past President of the Elks Lodge #2322. Len is currently in software sales for the banking and payments industry.

The architectural control committee or simply the architectural committee is responsible for the approval of any changes to any structure or area within the Sagemeadow subdivision. According to the Texas Property Code, the responsibility of architectural control passes to the executive committee when no such architecture committee has existed for more than one year. Much more time has passed since the last documented committee existed. As such, the executive committee has decided to delegate that authority to a team of three individual homeowners, who will serve at the pleasure of that committee.

Each architectural committee member may serve as long as they are able to effectively perform their role with a minimum term of one year. If any member is unwilling or is no longer able to perform their role, the executive committee will select another willing homeowner. Additionally, any committee member may be relieved of their responsibilities at any time.

To request approval to modify any exterior aspect of your visible property, send an email to and include a detailed description of the work to be done, and the approximate time the work is expected to take.