Who We Are

No organization can work without people working together toward a common goal. Our HOA is no exception and requires the time and effort of many people. Learn more about our various teams.

Executive Committee

Each member of the executive committee is elected by the homeowners to serve a 3-year term. They are considered the “Board” of our HOA.

Architectural Control Committee

The architectural control committee are unelected volunteers whose main purpose is to approve exterior improvements.

Committee Team

Members of the committee team are selected to support the various tasks and initiatives deemed necessary by the executive committee.

Community Activities Team

The volunteers of the activities team are tasked with organizing and implementing community activities.

Beautification Committee

The volunteers of the beautification committee are tasked with assuring that the overall look of Sagemeadow is beautiful.

Community Advisory Council

The members of the advisory council are tasked with making sure the HOA as a whole, is maintaining a good, and reasonable track.

Community Guides

The community guides are made up of regular residents who volunteer to serve as a “welcome wagon” and local representatives of the HOA in their parts of the neighborhood.