Sagemeadow Gets New Streetlights

Sagemeadow streetlights converted to LED – May 2020

Oh, the Lights! You may have noticed that the streetlights around our neighborhood are different. The color is the most noticeable difference at night. The whiter light better mimics natural light and allows you to see a broader spectrum of colors. Seeing more color at night is a benefit to public safety. Also, during the day you will notice that the fixtures are no longer bulbous because they no longer need to be. The differences that you’ve noticed is our neighborhood’s change from high-pressure sodium to the more energy-efficient LED. This change did not cost Sagemeadow anything.

Besides the obvious safety benefits of having more effective lighting, we also have lights that use less energy, which will result in an energy savings of nearly 40%. What that means for you is, the money we save on energy can be used for other purposes that help improve our community. Some of those improvements being discussed are adding a few more streetlights where there are gaps in coverage; helping to pay for the replacement of our subdivision signs, and adding new, smaller signs at secondary entrances to our community; or perhaps the savings can be used to restart the long-missing curbside street number painting program. There is still much to do but, your HOA is working hard to find ways to improve our community, from top to bottom. 

Do you like the new lights? Have you noticed a gap in street light coverage? Do you have an idea of what you like to see improved? Please give us your thoughts via the webform on this website or by simply sending us an email to

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