Illegal and Unacceptable Parking

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I’m sure some of you have already seen these yellow notices and wondered if they are legitimate. I assure you they are. We are now enforcing proper parking throughout Sagemeadow. Some of what is listed are things that are enforceable only by police. But, there are a few items, like parking on the grass or having a junk vehicle in the driveway that are in fact, deed restrictions and can affect you standing in the community and potentially cause fines to be levied if the condition is not immediately addressed.

For more information on what parking is acceptable, see our post entitled, Park It Right! You can find that post here.

If you see a vehicle that you believe is parked illegally, (wrong way, on the sidewalk, etc.) try and talk with the owner and respectfully inform them of the proper way to park. If you see a vehicle that appears to be visibly inoperable or parked on the grass contact the owner or notify your HOA to ask them to address your concern. Thanks for caring about our community!

When we are all more conscientious about where and how we park our beloved vehicles, our community looks better, is generally safer, and shows anyone who visits that we care about how our community is viewed.

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