Important Documents

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Governing Documents

Document DescriptionYear Released
Deed Restriction Transcription (unofficial)2020
Sagemeadow By-laws1990
Articles of Incorporation1979
Deed Restrictions – Section 11972
Deed Restrictions – Section 21973
Deed Restrictions – Section 31974
Deed Restrictions – Section 41975
Deed Restrictions – Section 51977
Deed Restrictions – Section 61978
Deed Restrictions – Section 71993
Deed Restrictions – Section 81995
Deed Restrictions Changes2000

Annual Operating Budget for 2021

Approved – January 21, 2021

Monthly Meeting Information & Data

Month YearAgendaMinutesBank Reconciliation
May 2021
Apr 2021not yet available4-30-2021
Mar 20213-31-2021
Feb 2021No February meeting2-29-2021
Jan 20211-21-2021not yet available1-31-2021
Dec 2020NANo December meeting12-31-2020
Nov 202011-19-2020not yet available11-30-2020
Oct 202010-15-2020not yet available10-31-2020
Sep 20209-17-2020not yet available9-30-2020
Aug 20208-20-2020not yet available8-31-2020
Jul 20207-16-2020not yet available7-31-2020
Jun 20206-18-2020not yet available6-30-2020
May 20205-21-2020not yet available5-31-2020
Apr 20204-30-20204-30-20204-30-2020
Mar 2020**not yet available3-31-2020
Feb 2020*2-20-2020Jan-Feb – 2020
Jan 2020*see Feb 2020
Dec 2019*12-31-2019
Nov 2019*11-30-2019
Oct 2019*10-31-2019
* none published/distributed
** informal meeting only

Older Meeting Minutes