HOA Maintenance Fee (Dues)

Owning a home in Sagemeadow legally obligates you to pay the annual maintenance fee (dues). This fee is levied at the beginning of each year and is primarily used to pay for regular maintenance/improvements to public spaces, water on our esplanades, as well as the electricity for our streetlights. Failure to pay by the due date will result in late fees on any outstanding amounts and runs the possibility of a property lien being levied.

2021 Statements

2021 statements were mailed out mid-January, with a due date of March 15th, 2021. The annual fee for 2021 will stay the same as last year, $174.00.

Any payments for the 2021 fees, that are not received or postmarked prior to March 15th will be considered past due and subject to additional fees.

This year we will begin including all past due balances existing on all accounts. While past due balances are due upon receipt, arrangements can be made to pay out over time or at a later agreed upon date. Please contact our accounting team at accounting@sagemeadow.org to request a detailed ledger and to request a payment plan, if desired.

Payments should be made payable to
Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee
and addressed to:

Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee
C/O Canady & Canady PC
4801 Woodway Dr., Suite 470E
Houston, TX 77056

Pay By Credit Card

If you wish to make a payment via credit card, please use the following link address to access our secure payment page. https://sagemeadow.org/payment

Payment Plans Available

If you find that you cannot pay your account in full, please contact us via email and we can work out a payment plan for you. Email at info@sagemeadow.org.

Account Inquiries

Any account balance inquiries, requests for Statements of Account (SOA) or estoppel letters can be sent to the address above or via email at accounting@sagemeadow.org.