Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Sagemeadow account number? 
– Your Sagemeadow account number is the number assigned to your property account, that quickly identifies its location by section, block, and lot. It can look like 09-03-12 and it can be found on your annual maintenance fee statement. 

Can I pay my maintenance fee by credit card or online?
– At this time, we are beta-testing our capability to accept credit cards. If you would like to help us refine our capability, contact us at

How do I start or stop my water service? 
– Visit the MDS website to start or stop your water service at

How do I pay my “water bill”?
– We are your homeowners’ association and do not handle your water bill. For questions about services such as water, sewer, or trash pickup, you may contact the Sagemeadow Utility District at 281-481-4182. Or pay your bill online at

How do I request a Statement of Account (SOA)? 
– Please send an email request to our accounting team at

How can I volunteer to improve our community? 
– There are a variety of ways to help. There are also a number of teams that can benefit by your willingness to volunteer. Please send an email noting how you would like to help to