About Sagemeadow

Established in 1972 and completed in 1995, Sagemeadow is made up of 1,161 lots across eight sections.

The Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee, more commonly known as the Sagemeadow Homeowners Association (HOA), is established by the restrictions, reservations, and covenants of the Sagemeadow subdivision in the Southeastern portion of unincorporated Harris County. 
The HOA is required to collect and disburse maintenance fees, to ensure against the depreciation of property values within the Sagemeadow subdivision. They are also responsible for the enforcement of recorded covenants and (deed) restrictions, and when necessary, enforce or release liens imposed by reason of failure to pay maintenance charges.

The committee is registered as a Texas non-profit, non-stock corporation which is funded by the annual maintenance fee (HOA dues) paid by all homeowners. This fee is a legal, contractual obligation of each homeowner, established by covenants and restrictions filed with the County Clerks Office of Harris County. Purchasing or owning a home in Sagemeadow obligates the owner to pay this fee. Failure to pay could result in late fees and interest on any outstanding amounts and runs the possibility of a property lien being levied.