2021 Annual Statement FAQs

2021 Annual Statement FAQs

The annual statements have all gone out. If you did not receive yours, please contact us right away by email: info@sagemeadow.org. We know that you have important concerns and we respectfully ask for your patience and understanding as we address each of them in the order we receive them. Just know that it may be a week or so before we are able to contact you to address your concerns. In the meantime, please find a selection of answers to questions that some of you have asked.

Q: How come I’ve never seen a past due balance on my statement before?
A: Simply, it has never been included before. This team has not been in “office” a year yet, and we are diligently working to make sense of the accounting practices used by the previous team.

Q: I paid last year’s HOA fee. Why do I have a “late fee”?
A: Rest assured, your payment from last year has very likely been credited to your account. The statement past due amount could be for one or more years of non-payment. While some of the amount might be late fees, it is not only a late fee.

Q: There is nothing that says when the past due amount was from. Why not?
A: Because the past due amount could span years. It was easier to show the lump sum, and then work through each account separately. With nearly 1,200 properties here, we cannot afford the time it would take to include that much detail on every single statement.

Q: Have you made a mistake? I have always paid my bills on-time.
A: It is possible, that mistakes could have been made. In particular when a property is sold and the balance from the previous owner is incorrectly carried over to the new homeowner. If you feel this kind of mistake was made, please let us know.

Q: I have worked very hard for good credit. Will this past due amount put a mark on my credit?
A: We do not currently report anything to any credit bureau or agency. However, we are researching the feasibility of reporting payment history at some level.

Q: How can I get a detailed record of the past due amounts on my account?
A: You may contact our accounting team (Canady & Canady) by email to request a detailed ledger of your account. Email at accounting@sagemeadow.org.

Q: There are two addresses on my bill. Where do I send my payment to?
A: You will send your payment to same address as previous years, shown in the upper left-hand corner of your statement. The other address is for general correspondence. Sorry for the confusion.

Q: I can’t pay all of this past due at once. Can I pay it in installments?
A: Yes. We understand that while you want to take care of your obligations, you cannot pay it all right now. Please send an email requesting a payment plan that works for you. Email at info@sagemeadow.org.

Q: I already paid my taxes for the year. Why do I have to pay this again?
A: Your HOA (maintenance) fees are not included in your taxes because it is not a tax. In our neighborhood, there is a taxing entity called the Sagemeadow UD (utility district). They are the ones we all pay to provide our water, sewer, and trash services. WE ARE NOT THE SAGEMEADOW UD.

Q: I don’t see the benefit of paying any maintenance fee. What is it used for?
A: This fee pays for the upkeep of our common areas including our esplanades, the watering and maintenance of our irrigation systems, and the power to over 260 streetlights throughout our subdivision. It also takes care of the administrative costs associated with maintaining our subdivision.

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